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Times, Sunday Times ( 2011 ) Foggybrained, the transcription was spoilt by spelling mistakes and typographical errors. other words for typographical error · clerical error · erratum · misprint · mistake in typing · printer's error · typing mistake · typist's error · typo. What does typographical-error mean? A mistake in printing, typesetting, or typing, especially one caused by striking an incorrect key on a keyboard. (noun) Typographical Error Correction via Training Data Augmentation In this paper, we explore the artificial generation of typographical errors based on real-world  What's the definition of Typographical error in thesaurus? Most related words/ phrases with sentence examples define Typographical error meaning and usage.

Typographical error

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23 Jul 2018 On the Tutorial Page, at the Finished section right after the Unsubscribe the user section. there is a 'check out theses docs' someone should  a mistake in printed matter resulting from mechanical failures of some kind. 9 Mar 2017 It includes the rules and standards for spelling, hyphenation, capitalization, word breaks, emphasis, and punctuation. A typographical error, “typo”  3 May 2017 Publication: New YorkerImage Type: CartoonDate: November 1st, 1941Caption: It's a typographical error, but have no mercy on me.

American Heritage® Dictionary Typographical error → Typo – Per WP:COMMONNAME, the common name is typo (a shortened version), not "typographical error" a clunky form which is rarely used. Typo is also rising in popularity as the preferred term according to this Google Ngram. A typographical error, “typo” or “misprint”, is a mistake (such as a spelling mistake) made in the process of the type setting of printed material.

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SITE OR ANY GRADUATELAND SERVICES WILL OPERATE ERROR-FREE  THE MATERIAL ON THIS SITE COULD INCLUDE TECHNICAL INACCURACIES OR TYPOGRAPHICAL ERRORS. THE MATERIALS ON THIS SITE ARE  the Graduateland Content may contain inaccuracies or typographical errors. SITE OR ANY GRADUATELAND SERVICES WILL OPERATE ERROR-FREE  In the event of a typographical error, still looking, tips and tricks in one place, linköping, kanske du vill ngot annat! Date Thai Guy m thai date  Vad är Internal Server Error 500?

Typographical error

A TYPOGRAPHICAL ERROR ▷ Svenska Översättning

This Article contains a typographical error in the legend of Figure 2. "Gaussian 1, 2 and 3& #x1D70E;" should read: "Gaussian 1, 2 and 3σ". Typographical error in reported share price (correct is 30.60 SEK, not 30.06 SEK). Uppgifter om emittenten/deltagaren på marknaden för  Finnlines service may include technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. of information contained therein or related to any failure of performance, error,  Engelska.

Please excuse this typographical  1 Jun 2016 typographical errors | Blog articles for business and professional writers - Viewing all posts. Typographical errors are something that tends to happen on a regular basis, whether it be from a typical post on a blog or social media, and even during search  Similar words for typographical error: erratum (noun); literal (noun); literal error ( noun); mistake (noun); mistake in printing (noun)  Clerical or typographical error - Refers to a mistake committed in the performance of clerical work in writing, copying, transcribing or typing an entry in the civil  Typographical Error. When you've been caught making a shit/unfunny/ disrespectful joke and want to pretend it was an accident. Look, I know most of you hate  Discussion among translators, entitled: Typographical error.
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Typographical error

A mistake in printing, typesetting, or typing, especially one caused by striking an incorrect key on a keyboard.

Antonyms for Typographical errors. 5 synonyms for typographical error: erratum, literal, literal error, misprint, typo. What are synonyms for Typographical … 2020-01-10 Definition, Synonyms, Translations of Type-o by The Free Dictionary "The records of the City Council would readily show that the amounts cited in the letter were apparently lifted from a document that had typographical errors.The original documents submitted by the concerned departments correctly stated the number of units covered by the proposed budget," the councilor explained to dispel the lies circulating on social media shared by gullible people. Showing page 1.
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